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Chapter conclusion 3/3
Posted on 2014-09-03 at 09:33:55
Scene 5

[About 4:30am. Addie wakes in the upstairs bedroom to the sound of police sirens and lights. She looks out the window and sees the cars stop in front of another house. She pulls on a sweater and creeps downstairs, and hears alarm bells through the Gateway door. She grabs her broom and slips through the door.

Santhy is marching a bunch of her guards through World 7ís private door. Miria walks over to meet her. Addie flies above to spy.]

Miria: Kasanthy. How lovely to see you so early in the morning. Why the army?

Santhy: One of my men is missing.

Miria: What has that to do with us?

Santhy: In the last week two of my enchantments have given out, and before that there was that business with the Book of Vision. And now this! There is too much strangeness and it all leads me here!

Miria: Yes? Well, Iíve heard that the turnover rate among your palace guards has been rather high of late. Honestly, if you canít even hold on to your most trustedó

Santhy: Me?! You lost your Witch of 26 weeks ago, and replaced her with a complete novice, no magic, no training--!

Miria: Thatís rich, coming from you.

Santhy: And no investigation!

Miria: There is an investigation, even if nobodyís told you about it.

Santhy: So how about one for me?

Miria: Find me evidence of an inter-world conspiracy and you shall have your investigation.

[Addie flies up to the top of the palace to have a think.]

End of Chapter 7
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